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Joanna of Castile


  Garment after the sepulchre of Joanna of Castile (Bartolomé Ordoñez, 1518-1519) in Capilla Real de Granada. The colour combination was chosen from a depiction in a book by Christoph Weiditz (Trachtenbuch, Nuremberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, f.50) who stayed in Spain from 1528-29 and drew the clothes of the local inhabitants.
  The clothing consists of a smock with large sleeves, an undergarment and an outer garment. The accessories, besides jewellery, are a headdress, a belt and high chapines on a cork platform.

Tailor's - Catany, Hungarian hussar, part 1
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Tailor's - Catany, Spanish Nobleman, part 1